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The Discussion Archive area of this Road Map was developed during the period 2003 to 2011. It provides chronologically based 'snapshots' of issues identified by the MS community during the formative stages of the Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care. The 'collective wisdom' from this process shaped the development of both the MS Network of Care and its associated Road Map to Multiple Sclerosis Support Services. Given the rapid development of internet based Social Media during the latter part of this period the Discussion Archive is no longer maintained as a 'stand alone' resource. It is now retained as an important historical reference resource.

Date Discussion Topic Overview of Discussion Subject Matter Facilitator/Researcher More
Apr  2011 A Voice for People Affected
 by MS


On 2 April a forum about CCSVI was jointly facilitated by CCSVI Australia and MS Australia in Melbourne with video links to the Sydney and Canberra branch's of MS Australia. An estimated 130 people responded to an open invitation for participation by the MS Community. The major issue that emerged was frustration with the lack of support being provided to pwMS to gain reasonable access to CCSVI procedures in Australia


MS Australia and
CCSVI Australia
Apr  2011 Learning from the Early
On 1 April members of the MS community participated in an information evening conducted by the Australasian College of Phlebology. Kerri Cassidy from CCSVI Australia provided an inspirational presentation that highlighted her journey as one of Australia's CCSVI 'early adopters'. The learning flowing Kerri's journey is invaluable.


Kerri Cassidy More
Mar  2011 History, Politics and Science
A video enhanced presentation by Dr Kirsty Duncan a medical
research scientist (and a member of the Canadian Parliament) became available that succinctly addressing the history, politics and science of the CCSVI debate from a Canadian perspective  - most of the issues she spoke about have a high degree of relevance in Australasia. 
A 'must watch' for Australasian politicians, Medical experts, MS organisations, News media


Dr Kirsty Duncan More
Mar  2011 A Balanced Perspective
In a video enhanced presentation Dr.Salvatore Sclafani described the current MS environment as being an 'Age of Discovery' in which maintaining and improving the of people living with MS, while at the same time, enhancing medical knowledge through 'hands on experiences', have become cornerstones for MS management. This video interview provides a balanced perspective on the current 'state of play' regarding CCSVI developments across the globe.


Dr.Salvatore Sclafani More
Mar  2011 CCSVI, Innovation and
Quality of Life
In a discussion paper delivered in conjunction with the 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College of Phlebology in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2011, at which Professor Zamboni was a keynote speaker,. Peter Sullivan observes that 'the contribution made by Professor Zamboni in the field of MS, represents innovation of a high order – especially in Enhancing the Quality of Life Perceptions of people living with Multiple Sclerosis'. 


Peter Sullivan More
Feb  2011 Exercise and MS.  Our guest was Danielle Loveless who has degrees in Biomedical Science and Exercise Science with a special interest in exercise physiology. Danielle, the founder of Harmony In Movement and Gentle Exercise Training, and  was recently involved in establishing a hydrotherapy group for people with MS at Goonellabah. 


Danielle Loveless, 6624 1305 More
Aug  2010 The role of GP's in developing Medicare supported Care Plans for people with chronic Illness . These plans are directed to people who require multidisciplinary,
team-based care from a GP
and at least two of the following services - Audiologists, Chiropractors,  Diabetes Educators, Dieticians,  Exercise Physiologists,  Mental Health Workers,  Occupational Therapists,
Osteopaths,  Physiotherapists, Podiatrists,  Psychologists, Speech Pathologists
. A companion service, since discontinued, provided Dental Benefits of up to $4250 over 2 consecutive years.


Susan Aprile,  More
Jun  2010 "Liberation Procedure",
now available in the region
We heard from members of the regional MS community whose GP's have referred them to Doctor Sharpe 1300 912 345 (a vascular specialist) for CCSVI testing and treatment. Some discussed their experiences to date including doppler ultrasound (following the Zamboni protocol) at either Ballina or Southport followed by magnetic resonance venography (MRV) at John Flynn Hospital at Tugan. Several reported the identification of vein blockages consistent with research findings


Doctor Ross Sharpe, MBBS, FRACP More
May 2010


MS Network of Care
Coverage Extended
As a result of increasing levels of interest in keeping abreast of MS
developments in Australia, coverage of the MS Network of Care to include MS Support Networks across Australasia. The increasing level of interest about CCSVI developments is one of the factors giving rise to extending the network coverage..


Peter Sullivan, Coordinator, MS Network of Care More
Apr 2010 Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) A video enhanced group discussion relating to the hypothesis that there is a significant association between restricted blood flow from the brain and multiple sclerosis. The condition is referred to in the literature as chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). It has been demonstrated that by correcting the CCSVI condition, by a procedure referred to as the "Liberation Procedure", there can be progressive, and at times significant, improvements in MS symptoms including a reduction in lesions.   Professor Michael Drake, Cardiovascular Research Centre,  Stanford University Video
Apr 2010 Fascial Kinetics - an advanced form of Bowen Therapy Muscles and bones are encased in continuous connective tissue (facia) that determines how we move. This continuous sheath is a large fluid filled sack that holds us upright. Misalignments in this tissue, adhesions and gluing patterns cause inefficient and restricted movement and eventually pain and inflammation. Fascial Kinetics releases stuck and glued fibres allowing the area to rehydrate so that nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the tissue, waste products removed and nerve impulses transmitted more effectively.  Carolyn Blackburn, 6686-6117. More
Mar 2010 MS News
Update extended
Interest in receiving News Headlines via our e-mail based Network of care has doubled over the past few months. While the focus of our regional news is about topics identified by the multiple sclerosis community on the far north coast of NSW, Australia, we operate from a strong research perspective  As such, many of the issues we explore often interest the broader MS Community


Peter Sullivan, Coordinator, MS Network of Care. More
Nov 2009 Life and Work with Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) - An Exploration
of Workplace Experiences
Sponsored by the College of Business, University of Western Sydney, this interesting study aims to assist in developing workplace practices and policies that support employees who have MS. Feedback from pwMS helps to develop an understanding of the workplace issues that people with MS confront their working lives. Input from the Northern Rivers area has been received and more is encouraged - contact Margaret.


Professor Margaret H. Vickers, School of Management, College of Business, University of Western Sydney. 9685 9661, 9411 6462 - More
Oct 2009 Transport Needs Survey Northern Rivers Community Transport announced a survey to find out more about the transport needs of residents in the Northern Rivers who travel in wheelchairs or use mobility devices/aids. This knowledge will be used develop services or advocate for appropriate services within the region.  Colleen Thomas, Manager, Northern Rivers Community Transport.  6628 6000


July 2009 Wellness Day The focus of this day - Sunday 5th July 2009 at Coffs Harbor - is on the
importance of physical activity, feeling connected, healthy eating habits, nutrition, relaxation, stress management and leisure pursuits. Includes presentations by keynote speakers
MS Australia and keynote speakers Dr Craig Hassed and Sandy Davidson. More
May 2009 Medical Qi Gong Medical Qi Gong comprises easy and gentle exercises to maintain good health. They are suitable for everyone at any age and can be performed standing, sitting or in supine positions. Our special guest is a renowned Qi Gong teacher from Canada who is visiting the Northern rivers area for a limited time - Wednesday 27 May at Ballina


MIng Klotz Kwan, Kootenay Qigong Wellness Center, British Columbia and Lise Plourde, 6662-6853 More
Apr 2009 Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Seminar This 2 hour seminar, covering What is MS, its symptoms and their management is aimed at nursing staff, allied health professionals and community health workers.  The seminar is to be repeated on Wednesday 28 October 2009 at 9.30am.


Val Gilmore,  6628-0144   More
Apr 2009 Vibration Therapy Vibration exercise therapy is well suited as an effective exercise solution for those having difficulty engaging in a conventional exercise program due to physical limitations.  A successful vibration therapy trial for pwMS was also conducted at Massey University, New Zealand. We have received encouraging feedback about the benefits of this therapy for pwMS - check with your local exercise physiologist.. Carl Fail, from VibroPlus at Byron Bay  talked about VibroGym Whole Body Vibration technology which is the world's first commercial whole body vibration training platform More 
Mar 2009 Facial Reflexology Relatively new to Australia. It is said to be an effective method of relaxation, detoxification and removal of blockages. It is also well suited to those with mobility problems - i.e  those who may need wheelchair support. Lise Plourde, 6662-6853 More
Mar 2009 MRI past, present and future A video enhanced group discussion about how MRI scanning has contributed to understanding the mechanisms underlying MS and to the effectiveness of treatments. Explores future challenges.  Professor David Miller, Professor of Clinical Neurology, and Head of Department of Neuro inflammation, Institute of Neurology, UCL More
Feb 2009 MS Society Regional Support The MS Society has provided two, on the ground, support staff based at Alstonville. Previously the nearest contact person from the Society was based at Coffs Harbour. One of these positions relates to Australian Homecare Services which is wholly owned by the Society. Val Gilmore RN, 6628-0144 More
Feb 2009 Genetics and MS A video enhanced group discussion about recent research in understanding the way in which genetic susceptibility is inherited by people with MS. New findings reveal this is far more complex and interesting than first thought. We also discussed the February 2009  breakthrough research that established a genetic link between Vitamin D deficiency and MS - Professor Ebers was also involved with this project. Professor George Ebers, Head, Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford,  More
Jan  2009 Brain Plasticity There is increasing awareness of  the role of brain plasticity in allowing previously discrete regions of brain activity to become spatially arranged more diffusely – a necessity, as MS lesions destroy old neuronal pathways. Click here to read more about brain plasticity and MS. Refer also to the 2008 vibration therapy trial at Massey University, NZ aimed at Side Stepping the Brain The publication 'The Brain that Changes itself' Norman Doidge MD provides insight about the revolutionary discovery that the human brain can change itself. While this publication does not specifically reference studies relating to MS there are many parallels More 
Oct 2008 Feedback and Service Provider briefings Subsequent to the release of the Pathways Discussion paper feedback was received from Janelle Saffin MHR and Chris Crawford, CEO North Coast Area Health service followed by a number of meetings with key agencies, service providers and the MS community. Ruth Cotton, Chair, Pathways Planning Group More
Sep 2008 Health and Fitness The Ballina Fitness Studio offers many areas of wheelchair accessible low cost health and fitness to many groups and minorities and has first hand experience in developing individual programs for pwMS Vanessa Frost, More
Aug 2008 Facebook presence established For people on the Northern Rivers who have Multiple Sclerosis, and their carers, families and friends. This group is specifically aimed at helping people with multiple sclerosis to stay in touch, especially during times of flare up of of symptoms, when the sufferer may become quite isolated. To put it simply; we want to know how you are getting along, or not getting along, and we especially want to know if you go into hospital so we can visit Beth Easter, 6625 1749, Facebook coordinator Visit
Aug 2008 Exercise, Diet, Stress and Rehabilitation - 'must do's' A video enhanced group discussion on the topic 'If I had MS'.  The importance of rehabilitation services for people with MS. Issues include exercise, diet , stress and rehabilitation. Discussion participants suggested that, on the local scene, exercise physiologists could play an important role in this process Professor Carolyn Young, Consultant Neurologist at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The Walton Centre looks after thousands of people with MS from diagnosis to rehabilitation. More
July  2008 Pathways Discussion Paper released The paper titled 'Towards a more cohesive MS Network of Care in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW'  enables the comparison of regional approaches to delivering services to pwMS with internationally recognised benchmarks. The inclusion of regional 'effectiveness' indicators for each benchmark identifies services most in need of review.


MS Network of Care


May 2008 Vitamin D and MS - Australian Research A video enhanced group discussion.  A Harvard University study published in December 2006 provides compelling evidence that Vitamin D, the so called Sunshine Vitamin, may protect against MS. Some further research on this topic is being undertaken by Australian Scientists. Additional reading. In February 2009 a breakthrough U.K and Canadian research project established a genetic link relating to Vitamin D deficiency and MS - Read more about this research. More
Apr 2008 Evaluating Quality of Life perceptions - service delivery issues An important aspect of living with MS relates to the emphasis on 'self managing' while at the same time fostering 'healthy' Quality of Life perceptions. Establishing and maintaining ongoing interdependencies with service providers is an important part of this process.


Peter Sullivan, 6628-1761, Network Coordinator  More
Mar 2008 Ability Incorporated Advocacy Service This service is funded to advocate and support people with disabilities their families and carers. The service is free to consumers. People with MS with an ongoing need for support services can access this service. There are good reports about assistance to the MS Community


Susan Aprile, Ability Incorporated 6628-8188. Based at Alstonville, the Tweed and Grafton  More
Feb 2008 Pathways Project Launched The primary aim of the project is to increase access of people with MS in the Northern Rivers Area to services which improve their perceptions of Quality of Life 


MS Network of Care More
Nov 2007 MS Video Education Centre The Video Archive is an educational resource to assist in a variety of settings including discussion starters for support groups, resources for professional development and related education, advocacy support and individual learning.  A decision to develop this resource followed suggestions by the regional MS community in the northern rivers region of NSW and support by the U.K MS Society More
Oct 2007 Computers and Voice Recognition  On Track Community Programs is involved in helping people with MS to use computers with voice recognition capability.


John Chudleigh, 0407-249732, Ontrack Community Programs More
Sept 2007 Support for Carers.  Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres work with carers to plan sensible approaches to respite and other support needs and also arrange 24 hour emergency respite care. By registering with Carelink, 1800-059-059 Carers can facilitate access to a wide range of support services.


Peter Schmidt, Carelink Manager, 1800-052-222.  More
Aug 2007 Enar Body Therapy ENAR is a reflex biofeedback device involving no drugs or surgery, only a light touch to the body with an electrical energy responding to the body’s own signals. It is said to stimulate the nervous system to produce regulatory peptides, thereby prompting the body to heal itself. The professional version of this product is known as SCENAR. Macquarie University have established  positive research outcomes about this therapy. Also good feedback from the local MS Community. 


Harry Brown,  6687-4094
Craig Battistuzzi
June 2007 Inaugural Meeting of the Murwillumbah and Tweed MS Support Group on Tuesday 5 June Launched during 2007 MS Week the group is an important addition to the Northern Rivers MS Network of Care


Claire Wyborn More
May 2007 Medical QiGong (chi kung) One of the major branches of Chinese Medicine it can be practiced at any age, sitting, standing or in supine positions


Lise Marie Plourde, 6662-6853 More
Apr 2007 Finances and MS
Saturday 28 April
Multiple sclerosis costs Australia nearly $2 billion a year in direct financial and other costs. There are a range of support services that may minimise this impact at an individual level. Awareness and Access are key issues. Centrelink provides a Financial Information Service, which is free, confidential and available to everyone


Helen Amarant,6626-8081. Centrelink Financial Information Officer. 
Mar 2007
Wednesday 28 March 
Glyconutrients are the so-called "eight essential sugars". These eight sugars combine with proteins and fats to form a code that resides on the membrane of every cell.  The code serves many other purposes and is an important part of the body's internal communication system. In October 2011 researchers identified a dietary supplement, similar to glucosamine, that appears to suppress the damaging autoimmune response seen in multiple sclerosis (MS) attacks, raising hopes of a new metabolic therapy for autoimmune diseases - find out more. Marg Hoskins More
Feb 2007 Naturopathy
Wednesday 28 February
Naturopathic physicians view multiple sclerosis (MS) from a holistic perspective. The illness is seen as a combination of physical, mental/emotional and in some cases, spiritual aspects


Jeannette Clark, Naturopath, 6687-3572 More
Colostrum  Colostrum is the Pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers prior to birth. Studies have indicated a susceptibility to many autoimmune related diseases where colostrum intake is inadequate. 


Claire Wyborn 

St Vincent's - Lismore  A meeting of the MS Community on 18 October expressed concerns about a  number of ongoing issue arising from the closure from 15 December 2006 of all public residential rehabilitation facilities at  St Vincent's


The NSW MS Society subsequently wrote to the Area Health Service to highlight these concerns.  More
Sailability Australia Sailability Australia's key objective is to encourage and facilitate sailing and boating throughout Australia for people with disabilities in social, recreational and competitive activities Chris Cook or Lynelle Boyd, 6686-5469, are the local contacts for Sailability activities conducted at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head. Other Venues More
Riding for the Disabled Provides people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy activities connected with horse riding.  Horse riding is an unique form of exercise and rehabilitation. The complex movement of the horse helps to improve coordination, balance, muscular development and fitness. Also assists in the development of personal confidence and self esteem


Kerry Johnston, 6687-8266, is the contact for activities conducted at The Mitchell Centre, North Teven Road, North Teven. Other Venues More.
MS Market Day. Something quite different  - our first MS Market Day was informative, participative, casual and fun. Plenty of  Opportunities for one to one discussion as well as ‘hands on demonstrations’. All  ‘stall holders’ were service providers who had previously provided educational presentations to support group meetings and have a good appreciation of MS.  
Newsletter   Following feedback from the Tweed and the Clarence MS Communities it was agreed to explore ways in which guest speakers, newsletter, web site, the Network of Care, ideas and skills can be further cross shared from the Clarence to the Tweed.  The overall aim is to continue to foster a more cohesive MS Network of Care in the region.   More
Aug 2006 Richmond Community Options A case management service for people with disabilities with a focus on planning and co-coordinating services to ensure a flexible, client-focused service.  It operates within the Ballina, Byron, Lismore, Richmond and Kyogle Local Government Areas.  Jan Dili, 6686-9829, is the Manager, Richmond Community Options More
Aug 2006 Neurological Update An update on the latest neurological thinking and immunotherapy approaches to MS.   Dr Geoffrey Boyce, 6621-8245, Neurologist More
Jul 2006 Brain Gym  Brain Gym. is an enjoyable program of activities that can be used by anyone to bring improvements in a number of areas including movement, concentration and memory.   Sally Preston, 6685-7224 More
Jun 2006 Reflexology  Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body - watch a video on this topic watch a video on this topic. Research in Israel is that Reflexology is helpful for people with multiple sclerosis   Lise Plourde, 6662-6853.  More
Apr 2006 MS and Quality of Life Research by the NSW MS Society is that factors influencing QOL are not primarily health related. A person’s perception of their QOL is a key determining factor.  Dr Gary Fulcher, Clinical Psychologist and Research Director,  NSW MS Society More 
Mar 2006 Reiki Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki focuses on the need for healing at  physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels of being  Lisa Plourde, 6662-6853 More
Feb 2006 Meditation Linda addressed the group about the Meditation classes that she conducts at Ballina.  Several group members also spoke positively about the work of Sandy McGregor in this field.  Linda McKey
Oct 2005 Local Support Coordination Local Support Co-ordinators help people up to 65 to overcome barriers to managing with increasing levels of disability.  The aim is to assist people with disabilities, and carers, to determine their own needs and to identify the supports that may be required to make a difference to their lives Jenny Kerr, 6621-9070, is the Lismore Local Support Co-ordinator from the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care. Jenny has counterparts in Casino, Byron/ Ballina, Mclean and the Tweed. More
Aug 2005 MS and Nutrition Questions are regularly asked about the impact of environmental factors on MS. Nutrition is one such factor. Peter Wilson, 6622-0408, is a graduate of the Southern Cross School of Complementary Medicine and proprietor of the Apothecary in Lismore More
Jul 2005 Memory management . Research by University of California-San Francisco Multiple Sclerosis Center is that up to 65% of people with MS may experience problems relating to memory management.  Kathryn Pigott, 6627-9235, Outreach Worker, North Coast Area Health Service.


May 2005 Building MS Partnerships It was agreed to adopt The Charter for People affected by MS and The MS Standards of Care as benchmarks for evaluating the extent to which services address the needs of the MS community in our region. Peter Sullivan, 6628-1761 More
Apr 2005 Living Well with Chronic Illness A series of local workshops, adapted from the teachings of Ian Gawler, that include strategies for self-knowledge, empowerment, the power of the mind, creating happiness, dealing with depression, anger and frustration Ruth Winton-Brown, 6687-1648,  the course developer,  talked to us about the purpose of the workshops and her personal circumstances leading to their development. More
Apr 2005 Regional MS Newsletter  The distribution of the monthly newsletter highlighting MS related activities in the Ballina, Byron, Lismore, Casino and Kyogle local government areas extended to the Tweed Shire..The distribution was extended at the suggestion of people with MS residing in the Tweed Shire.  Further extension to include Grafton and associated areas can occur if people with MS in that locality so desire. More
Mar 2005 An overview of MS An overview of the latest thinking about MS and the types of medical interventions used to reduce its impact by delaying its progression. . Dr Geoffrey Boyce, 6621-8245, is a neurologist, based at Lismore. More
Mar 2005 Feldenkrais method of body movement.  A ‘hands on’ educational session. Benefits can include the rediscovery of integrated body use following acute or long standing injury and neurological conditions, Lyn Walker, 6687-6815, is from the Lennox Head Feldenkrais Centre More
Feb 2005 Developing Regional Models of MS Care An overview on the approach being adopted to implement a local model of MS care in the Northern Rivers. Highlighted research in the UK where the experiences and expectations of the MS community are the driving force for such a model Peter Sullivan, 6628-1761 More
Oct 2004 Community Support Services A wide ranging presentation on the role of the Community Occupational Therapist as related to The Home Modification Service and the Program of Appliances for Disabled People Chris Went, 6625-5701 is the regional PADP Manager. Michelle Ellis, 6620-6138, is an Occupational Therapist at Ballina Hospital More
Aug 2004 Bowen Therapy hands on demonstration Bowen is a remedial body technique that is gentle and relaxing. It helps the body's own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony Maree Bowers, 6687-6776, is a Physiotherapist at Ballina Hospital   More
Jul 2004 Horizon Group Meeting On 3 July the Horizon Group met at the Carroll Centre The Group discussed some of the issues associated with developing a more cohesive regional  MS 'Network of Care' 


May 2004 Complementary Therapies Role of complementary medicines and therapies in the management of MS. Paul Orrock is the Head of the School of Natural and Complementary Medicine
Southern Cross University
Apr 2004 Information Services Carelink provides information on a wide range of services that may assist people with disabilities and is worth checking out. We were interested to hear that Carelink staff can assist by contacting major agencies (Centrelink and the like) on your behalf to ensure that you talk to the ‘right person’ about specific issues – a very helpful service. Jane Beaney is from Carelink at Alstonville. 1800-052-222. 


Mar 2004 Horizon Group Meeting The meeting discussed ways in which the NSW MS Society could partner with St Vincent’s through a Partner in Care Program. The aim is to better address the specific needs of people with MS in the Northern Rivers area. Robyn Faine, 9646-0600, is the General Manager Services, NSW/VIC MS Society.  More
Mar 2004 Technical Aids Technical Aids for the Disabled (TAD) volunteers modify and make equipment when commercially made equipment is not available or is unsuitable. We also heard about a service provided by TAD whereby refurbished computers are provided to people with disabilities at minimal cost.. Eric demonstrated a number of these products and made available a guide book that illustrated the diverse range of projects that TAD has undertaken. Eric Davison, 6624-4537, is the Chairperson TAD Northern Rivers,  


Feb 2004 Continence Issues Continence Aids Assistance Scheme (CASS) provides financial assistance to people who have permanent and ongoing incontinence as a result of a neurological condition. CASS can be contacted on 1300-366-455 Bill Tyrell, 6621-3252, is a Continence advisor and nurse. Bill's presentation was friendly and informative. 


Jan 2004 Preliminary Study of Regional Rehabilitation Services The study provides an overview of the strategic direction of MS rehabilitation services in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The study objective is to provide a foundation for closer working arrangements between the NSW MS Society, Service Providers and the MS Community. Peter Sullivan, 6628-1761. 


Dec 2003 Information Services The Northern Rivers Area Health Service offers to host an MS research web site with an emphasis on local issues. Michael Moriarty, Ollie Heathwood, North Coast Area Health Service  More
Nov 2003 Holiday Options We heard about the types of holiday options provided by Care 4 U Holidays at the Rainforest Resort at Byron Bay. These holidays are provided for carers and the person being cared for and can be tailored to meet the needs of people with specific types of disabilities.  Rae Smith, Care 4 U Holidays, 6674-2267. Katrina Alexander Far North Coast Carers Respite Centre More
Oct 2003 NSW MS Society While we heard about the types of services provided by the Society in Sydney the discussion centered on the importance of delivering comparable services in the Northern Rivers Area. Penny Kelly, 6651-2505, Community Support Worker, NSW MS Society.  More
Sep 2003 St Vincent's Hospital St.Vincent's Hospital (Lismore) rehabilitation service is a public rehabilitation service funded by Northern Rivers Area Health Service and operated and managed by St Vincent's as part of the public health care system. A number of people with MS have found these services to be very helpful Annabel Southcombe, is a Social Worker attached to the North Coast Area Health Service.  More
Sep 2003 Regional MS Newsletter Established A monthly newsletter highlighting MS related activities in the Ballina, Byron, Lismore, Casino and Kyogle local government areas is produced. This newsletter was unfortunately discontinued around 2008. The newsletter was mailed to all people with MS registered with the MS Society and available by e-mail to Service Providers and other interested agencies. A broader based version subsequently became available via the web More
Aug 2003 Massage and Bodywork Massage therapy and stretching can assist to maintain muscle function and provide an improved sense of well being. Craig Battistuzzi, 6687-4544, is a remedial Massage Therapist. with many years experience in assisting people with MS - More about Craig  More  
Jun 2003 Support Group Established Ballina Hospital convenes a meeting to establish an MS Support Group. The group became known as the Northern Rivers Multiple Sclerosis Support Group. Working in collaboration with the Horizon Group and the NSW MS Society details of a broader based network of such groups was progressively developed. Michelle Ellis, 6620-6138, Occupational Therapist, Ballina Hospital. Penny Kelly, 6651-2505, Outreach Worker, NSW MS Society More
Apr 2003 Horizon Group Established St Vincent's Hospital establishes an MS discussion group, known as the Horizon Group, comprising rehabilitation clients and St Vincent's health care personnel.  facilitated by Annabel Southcombe (Social Worker). Under the guidance of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of NSW the Horizon Group subsequently became known as the Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care Australia - about the network. The aims are to enable the Voice of People affected by MS to be better heard and to develop a Road Map of Multiple Sclerosis Support Services  More



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