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More than 400 of us have already added our voices to this Open Letter. RM2231MS Your thoughts and personal experiences are invaluable and greatly appreciated - here is how

Informed Patient Centred Decision Making is impeded.

Without such access many of us are not able, in conjunction with our medical advisors, to make informed decisions about possible treatment options.

While this situation has been highlighted in the Australian Parliament on several occasions over the past 5 years – it is yet to be translated into policies and programs that effectively address what has become a very unhealthy situation..

Draft Policies are on the Table

During March 2016 two of Australia’s widely recognised consumer focused Multiple Sclerosis organisations (the Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care Australia and CCSVI Australia) jointly wrote to the Leaders of all Australian Political Parties on our behalf seeking clarification of each Party’s policy position on this matter.

They specifically sought the support of the Parliament ‘’to assist in accelerating the processes whereby what is being learnt regarding cardiovascular irregularities and MS is better translated into benefits for patients and reduced government outlays’’ Details of broadly based recommended policies and programs were also referenced - see:

Reminding Key Decision Makers

These issues have have subsequently been further highlighted to key decision makers including all Party Leaders. Consider sending a copy to your local elected member/s and ask for their help. Find out what has been already said and to whom